A Real Estate Trend of Entrepreneur-Focused Salon Suites

A respected Boston attorney, Alan Reisch guides the law firm Goulston & Storrs PC as director. He also undertakes corresponding activities with Fort Hill Risk Management. Alan Reisch and his fellow attorneys have extensive experience in the retail, restaurant, and consumer spheres, and offer articles on current trends at http://www.goulstonstorrs.com. A recent piece examines salon suites and a resurgence of solo entrepreneurs in the beauty and health niche.

Previously, barriers to entry for health and wellness practitioners were high, as they had fixed costs such as insurance and rent, coupled with a limited profit margin. For this reason, aestheticians and stylists would often rent chairs at existing day spas and salons. The emergence of “salon suites” has upended this trend, with landlords creating spaces specifically designed for a mix of occupants, from yoga instructors to hair stylists. With terms negotiated directly with the property owner, it makes sense for professionals considering a commercial lease arrangement to fully understand the ins and outs of the contract before taking action.